Three Capes 3 day walk

Three Capes 3 day walk
  • Duration: 3 Days (approx.)
  • Product code: 3CAPES

Our new 3 Capes Pack Free Walking experience explores the natural beauty
of the Tasman Peninsula in the far south-east corner of Tasmania. This
region is famous for the highest vertical seas cliffs in Australia and
its dramatic coastline of sea caves and towering sea stacks.

On this 3 day walking tour you will explore the untouched wonders of
the Tasman National Park as we venture along one of the great walks of
Australia, experiencing varied landscapes of coastal heathlands and
eucalypt forests. Discover the Three Capes of Cape Raoul, Cape Hauy by
foot and finish your journey with a dramatic cruise around Cape Pillar or helicopter flight over Cape Pillar

No need to carry heavy packs or clothese, this walk has been
designed for those looking for an affordable multi day walking
experience with all the creature comforts. Your nights will be spent in
deluxe spa chalet accommodation at Stewarts Bay, your meals will all be
prepared for you featuring local produce and wine so you can sit back
and put your feet up after a day’s hike.